Leganés Monsters is an American football team, particularly flag football. The team was born with the intention of making the sport known for people to practice it.


Flag football is a form of young American football, with a boom in Spain and with great projection, which comes to be called “contactless football.”
In this mode, the number of players on the field is reduced to 3 per team, the dimensions are reduced of the field (75×25 yards) and some “flags” to the sides are the objective to remove to simulate a tackle.

Flag is a sport where technique and skill prevail over other factors, which allows that any person of any age, physical shape or gender can compete on equal terms with any other, something that very few sports can boast about and is, therefore, a sport with a great sportsmanship and integration.

The Monster

The word Monster is deeply rooted in the municipality of Leganés, since the mythical legend of the Loch Ness Monster (it would originate from Scotland) has always been linked by its pronunciation with this city.

It can be said that one thing has nothing to do with the other, but that confusion has been the cause of one one of the most characteristic and showy monuments in all of Leganés, the fountain of The Leganés Monster.
This statue was built in 2009 with the purpose of recalling that confusing thought that we all had as children and it made us believe that the monster lived somewhere in Leganés.
In addition to the statue of Nensi (that’s how the Leganés monster is called), we can find in the neighborhood of San Nicasio the famous dragon roundabout, and of course, the tradition of burning a giant dragon in the bonfires of the night of San Juan.


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