My cover submission for the Soul soundtrack vinyl

After the premiere of its new animated film Soul, Pixar decided to hold a contest in partnership with Adobe in which artists from around the world could create a submissions for the film’s OST vinyl record.


My main idea was to unify the 2 worlds (the Earth and the Great Beyond) with certain details from the movie or elements that were important to the characters. I looked for art references related to Jazz and Blues.

When I saw other submissions, I avoided everything previously mentioned and focused on an idea that I really liked: creating the shape of the protagonist with several “Hello my name is stickers.


Comparison between the sketch and the final design



Leganés Monsters

Logo design and corporate entity

Leganés Monsters is an American football team, particularly flag football. The team was born with the intention of making the sport known for people to practice it.

The Monster

The word Monster is deeply rooted in the municipality of Leganés, since the mythical legend of the Loch Ness Monster (it would originate from Scotland) has always been linked by its pronunciation with this city.

It can be said that one thing has nothing to do with the other, but that confusion has been the cause of one one of the most characteristic and showy monuments in all of Leganés, the fountain of The Leganés Monster.
This statue was built in 2009 with the purpose of recalling that confusing thought that we all had as children and it made us believe that the monster lived somewhere in Leganés.
In addition to the statue of Nensi (that’s how the Leganés monster is called), we can find in the neighborhood of San Nicasio the famous dragon roundabout, and of course, the tradition of burning a giant dragon in the bonfires of the night of San Juan.


Leganés Monsters kit


san nicasio beer

Local beer redesign
At San Nicasio Beer our craft beer is made without haste, with love and care, thinking and taking into account the value of everything made using homemade methods and taking care of the ingredients we use to make it.
I have created this redesign submission to attract a younger audience to discover this local beer.
The redesign process

The problem of the brand is its image. It is not as striking as other craft beers in the Madrid area, such as Cibeles beer. 

This image shows some sketches with illustrative and iconic approaches and even changing the image of the dragon to San Nicasio himself, imitating other beers such as Franziskaner.


Different Styles of Beer from left to right: Dunkel, Blonde Ale, IPA, Zero and Strout



Logo design and corporate entity

PICTAPIRE is a tool that is presented in physical format through a Pantone chart and in digital format with the creation of an app with both formats have a system of icons that are applied to a representation of the human body, speeding up the diagnosis, allowing the patient himself indicate his discomfort.

The reason and justification for the project

Communication is a problem for many people everyday. There are situations in the that it is essential to be able to talk to one person or a group of people.

One of these situations is in health center to be able to describe what happens to you or happens to another.
To try to pave the way, I have made this project that makes this situation something more bearable and simple for people, not only because there is visual support but also the symptoms are written in 5 languages in case the image and the iconography itself are not enough.

It is worth mentioning that this product will be aimed at both neighborhood health centers and hospitals, since the objective
it is the same: assist as much as possible in the diagnostic process.


The idea was that the name was related in some way to the wordless communication. At first i mixed words with symptoms, i searched names of gods and healers from different mythologies. Finally i mixed words from different languages.

The name PICTAPIRE is the mix between Picture and capire (understand in italian) 


The product has 2 formats: A Pantone chart for the physical format and APP for the digital format.

Both have some details in common and differences due to their format.

Male and female body

In the Arabic version the bodies are shown with clothes to be able to take them off in one click.

Symptoms from left to right: Pain, sharp pain, I can’t, itching, heartburn, swelling, burn, fever, stiffness, fluid, dizziness and twist



Mundo animado

Logo design and corporate entity

Mundo Animado is a fictional exhibition about animation and shows works from 4 directors (Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter, Tim Burton and Jorge Blanco)

The project

The idea of ​​the project was to create a fictitious exhibition and adapt the blueprints that were given to us to organize the exhibition in that space and create a brand to work on designing its logo and corporate identity.


All material used in the project belongs to Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton productions and Illion Animation Studios and I only use it for academic work.