FNATIC is an Esport organization with teams in League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, CS:GO, Raimbow Six: Seige and FIFA

How the commission started?

In 2018, the League of Legends team reached the League of Legends Worlds final against Invictus Gaming.

Unfortunately, FNATIC lost.
To celebrate their great championship, the organization thanked all the support of their fans and decided to choose the works that were uploaded to social networks to have a list of artists to collaborate with.

So I decided to upload a fanart that I made to twitter. A few days later I was contacted to do a test run and make a series of emotes for Twitch of the players on the team.

The fanart that I uploaded to Twitter.

From left to right, Rekkles, Hylissang, SOAZ and Broxah. At the top Caps and at the bottom Bwipo.

THE EMOTES inspiration

The emotes are based on characters that they play and moments of the championship, especially Bwipo and his famous reactions to his teammates’ moves.


In this instagram post I delved about the commission